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Feastar Graphics offers customized, professional visual design solutions for a broad range of printed and web marketing materials. We will plan, develop, and deliver any size project from small one-off logos, business cards, and brochures to comprehensive branding & identity packages and informational or eCommerce websites.Since 2011, FEASTAR has been helping our clients with their graphic and print design needs by creating graphic design solutions tailored to each project.

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Design that leaves a lasting impression.

Welcome to FEASTAR GRAPHICS, a portfolio site highlighting my freelance graphic design and marketing services. Our wide range of services are of great benefit to any small business in need of advertising agency services without huge agency costs. From marketing and business plans, to logo design and eMarketing campaigns, our extensive background and knowledge are perfectly suited to small business needs and budgets.

Why Choose Us?

Respond quick, work at weedend, Have some work need to be done very fast? just leave it to us.
Something that we pride ourself with is the way that we work, we will normally explain to a client before taking on a project that we will offer my own input to suggestions that the client will make to benefit the design. Another thing, Passion is a huge part of the service that we provide. we will go above and beyond on the development of the project because we want to. we have to be satisfied that the work we create for you would proudly represent your business and sit in our portfolio comfortably.
We offer an affordable design and printing service that refelects the quality of the final product.

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7321 Victoria Park Ave Unit 12, Markham L3R 2Z8
Tel: 647.878.9253 / 905-604-5225

Logo Design

Good logo design announces that your business is legitimate, trustworthy and credible. Weak logo designs don't inspire consumer confidence, but a strong logo can engender a strong sense of trustworthiness. Those who try to function without quality logo designs are invisible. They miss an opportunity to announce their professionalism and they render themselves utterly forgettable. At the same time, they risk creating a perception that they are a "fly by night" or "here today, gone tomorrow" enterprise.

Business Cards

Despite living in a digital world, a business card can be critical to the development of your business. These small but effective tools are often handed to customers and prospects and can be a highly personalized form of marketing.

Pull-Up Banner

Indoor Pull-Up Banners are effective for events, expositions and retail stores due to a large size, standing 82-1/2" h. These roll-up tradeshow displays, pop up banner stands are durably constructed from aluminum and have a slim-line design that makes the unit visually appealing and saves floor space.

Brochure Design

Brochures let you showcase your business--your products or services and your purpose.

Posters Design

"Behind a good poster should be a message or idea," "It must communicate something and should reach everyone."

Package Design

People are visual creatures by nature. What differentiates a bad company from a good company is the fact that the latter knows how to attract customers’ attention with the help of packaging design. While an interesting and eye-catching logo does play a big part in marketing a product, nothing comes as close as the effects a visually appealing and striking design has on prospective customers.

Web Design

How can something as superficial as your company’s website design impact the success of a business? There are many reasons why a well designed website will attract your ideal customer and prompt dialogue with your firm.

Window Graphic

Build your brand:To grow a business, you have to build a brand. A plain window doesn’t say much to a person passing by, except for the hours of operation and forms of payment that you accept. A smart window decal, however, turns heads and builds invaluable brand recognition. Promote specials:You can only do so much advertising in newspapers, through social networking sites and on other forms of media. Give your marketing efforts an extra boost with a window graphic that makes the public curious about what you offer, the latest deals and your services.


  • Photography

    Portrait / Fashion / Product /Corporate events and parties / Food photography